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I attended the online marketing course by Neda and it really helped me promote and grow my business. I strongly recommend Skychain to whoever that needs any online marketing services.
Shohreh Nosrati

I took a course in e-mail marketing with Skychain company to overcome challenges that we had such as e-mail design, sending mass e-mails by client’s name and so on… The course covered a lot of information, such as how we can work with MailChimp to get the best outcome. The course structure was clear, logical and effective. Skychain has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The e-mail marketing course wasn’t just about classroom instruction. The main benefits came from well-designed assignments and interacting with Skychain. This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques to overcome my challenges in e-mail marketing. Their advice has already attracted more calls through the website. I highly recommended Skychain company.
Nayyer Maybodi

I enjoyed all the computer classes and social media classes tremendously. These classes were basic but very practical and helpful. I got to know my cell phone and my tablet better and have been able to utilize many features that technologies have offered to make my life easier and more interesting. For example, I can download my favorite songs to listen to any time when I am in the car or outside walking. The social media classes helped me to learn how to utilize many options available to me at my fingertips. I can interact more with friends, families, read the news and get information directly through Facebook anytime. Most of all, the instructors are knowledgeable, patient and quite pleasant that made me keep coming back.
Danielle Li

I taught for many years and I feel the need to tell you how fabulous a teacher Neda is. It is VERY difficult to teach older people computer or iPad related courses. I am impressed with Neda’s patience, kindness in always maintaining the student’s dignity, as well as her well thought out ability to teach so that her students will understand.  No one could teach better than Neda, as she really is that good. She never makes you feel incapable, just the opposite. Neda actually creates a learning environment where you really want to learn. She is encouraging and very approachable.
Fern Lutwak

Thank you for the great information that you provided in your social media marketing workshop at Aaniin library.
Trish Mcfalls

I think the social marketing class was very useful and it was a good experience for my future job and I hope to have some other classes same as this because I can improve my skills in new technology.
Fariba Yahyavi

Neda is a wonderful teacher. I attended her online marketing classes. She explains the technics in a good and easy manner that a person who doesn’t have any previous experience understands very well. In  short time she covered huge subject in very good manner. I really like to join her class next time. Thanks and good luck to Neda and her company.                      Saed Syed

I really believe in the effective impact on this kind of class. I could improve my skills and advanced new technologies. I hope this will be such this kind of class more and I can attend eagerly. I appreciate my teacher efforts and her kindness.
Farnaz Pourhassan

This classes really motivated me to learn more and practice a lot. Specially the kind teacher really attracted classes to students. Meeting new people and learning is two reasons that I attended to classes. I wish advance classes will start as soon as possible.
Helen Lord

I was attending a website design workshop by Neda and it was very professional and useful. Skychain has developed and designed many high-end and professional websites. I highly recommend Neda and her team. Esfandiar Ahadi

That was my pleasure to meet Neda as my teacher. Neda was so nice and patient to all and she showed us how social media can change our life. She opened a new window to my future.Thank you Neda.                                      Dr. Roya Kianfar


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