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Skychain invests in an all-inclusive, all-encompassing approach to marketing. It was established by Neda, a Marketing Communication Professional with over 18 Years Experience in Marketing.

The idea behind Skychain is that there is no one single “right” way to engage in marketing. Just like the dome of the sky is round and envelopes the planet from all sides, Skychain can create a set of marketing strategies that will reach your clients in multiple ways.

It is only through combining Digital Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Online Advertising, and other means of promotion in a creative manner that you can be sure that all your clients are reached.

Our fields of expertise reach through social media and web design to strategic marketing, business planning and support. Skychain is a one-stop promotional agency that understands that your message must not only be creative but effective. We at Skychain provide quantitative backup and solid market research to each marketing solution we create. This allows us to help you measure and manage the response and results you need, keeping your hand on the pulse, and refining the marketing strategy as we go.


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